The battery is the source of power for many crucial components in your vehicle. Remember to have regular car battery inspections and services performed regularly to save you both time and money. A battery check every oil change can prevent you from getting stranding out on the road.

A vehicle battery has a bunch of important functions, like storing energy and providing power to the starter, ignition system, fuel system and pretty much every other electrical component during start-up. Plus, it provides power to all the electronic components when your vehicle isn’t running. Regular vehicle battery maintenance from Kings County Collision & Repair helps prolong your vehicle battery life, keeping all these components clicking, blinking, honking and shining even in the harshest weather.



Symptoms Of My Battery...

  • Simple old age

  • Frequently jump starting vehicle

  • Not holding charge = dead cells

  • Engine cranks slower than normal

  • Problems with car electrical system

  • Clicking sound coming from the starter

  • Headlights are dim during & after start


There is no sensation quite like that sinking feeling you get when you put your key into your vehicle’s ignition, turn it, and nothing happens. You try it once, try it again, try it a third time, and then it hits you: your battery is dead. Indeed, it is one of the worst feelings in the world. This situation can be avoided.


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The battery is the source of power for many crucial components in your vehicle. Remember to have regular car battery inspections and services performed regularly to save ...
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The battery is the source of power for many crucial components in your vehicle. Remember to have regular car battery inspections and services performed regularly to save ...
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Q : Why does my battery in my car keep dying?

A: Having a dead car battery is always frustrating. Having a series of dead batteries, though, is a clear sign that there’s a deeper issue. Some possible reasons for dead car batteries include a faulty charging system (alternator) or extremes in hot and cold temperatures. Taking your car for frequent short drives can also cause the battery life to diminish considerably.

Q : What can drain a battery when it’s off?

A: There are a number of things that can drain your vehicle battery life, even when the car is turned off. Some of the major ones to consider include bad charging, due to a faulty alternator; a defective alternator diode; or a battery that’s simply very old and no longer able to hold much of a charge. Any of these can cause the battery to die, even when you’re not running the vehicle.

Q : Is it a dead battery or alternator?

A: Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether you have a bad battery or a bad alternator. Certainly, if you have a series of failed batteries all in a row, that points to the alternator. Additionally, try jumping your car. If the battery dies while the car is still running, that means the alternator isn’t doing its job properly, and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Q : Can a car battery recharge itself?

A: While car batteries don’t recharge themselves, your car does have a part called the alternator, which exists to help your battery maintain its charge. If you have multiple battery failures, it could be that the real problem is with the alternator. Reach out to King County Collision & Repair to schedule a service appointment and get your alternator diagnosed and repaired as it’s needed.

Q : How can you tell if a battery is good or not?

A: There are a number of clear indicators that your car battery is bad, or is about to go bad. These include an engine that cranks but doesn’t start; a car that won’t crank or start at all; or a car that starts fine one day but has trouble the next. Additionally, if you’ve had to jump your car a lot, or find that cold cranking is hard work, that points to a potential battery issue.

Q : What is the average life of a car battery?

A: On average, a vehicle battery will last you anywhere from four to six years. There are several factors that can impact your battery’s lifespan, including the type of vehicle, the weather conditions, and your own driving habits. If your battery goes bad or starts giving you trouble, make an appointment with King County Collision & Repair to have it replaced.

Q : Is my battery dead if the lights turn on?

A: If your lights are turning on, then your car battery probably isn’t dead—but it may be on its way out. If those lights are dimmer than usual, that’s a telltale sign of pending battery failure. And of course, difficulty getting the vehicle to crank or to start points to a looming battery failure, regardless of whether or not the lights still come on.

Q : What does it mean when you turn your car on and it clicks?

A: If you turn on your engine and you hear a series of rapid clicks, that typically means that the battery is either dead or close to it. If you hear one loud click, that’s more likely the cause of a bad starter. In either case, it’s wise to make a service appointment with King County Collision & Repair to have the problem diagnosed and corrected.