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We know finding a trustworthy auto body & repair shop is frustrating enough; But, you can trust the experts at Kings County Collision & Repair.

Locally owned & operated, our body shop is located at 600 Clarkson Ave in Brooklyn, NY.

We have a wonderful team of trained mechanics that provides Professional, Reliable, and Honest repair services for all vehicle makes and models.

We have passion for vehicles. We put maximum effort into making professional repairs on your car

Our number one goal is getting you and your vehicle back on the road as safely and soon as possible !


Kings County Collision & Repair and its team have built a reputation on providing outstanding results with a proven track record our customers can vouch for.

Our customers leave satisfied knowing they've received top quality repairs from highly trained mechanics dedicated to their work and are extremely professional.

We're passionate about making your vehicle look as good as new after an accident. Drop in and speak with us for a FREE estimate today !



It is our belief that collision repairs don't have to empty your wallet or your bank account to get quality service.

Premium service doesn't have to have premium pricing. Kings County Collision & Repair, provides quality repair & preventive maintenance that will keep your car running and looking as good as new ( Minus the new car smell )

We're passionate about making your vehicle look good as new after an accident. Drop by today FREE estimate !



Our technicians know exactly what it takes to make a beaten & battered vehicle look brand new again.

We offer a wide range of repair services including :

  • Paintless dent repairs

  • Computerized Diagnostics

  • Unibody Repairs

  • Color Matching

  • Mechanical Repairs Related to Collisions

Our technicians do fantastic detailing & auto work. 

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